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Polypropylene Resin

Polypropylene Resin

April 19 , 2017

Polypropylene (PP) is one of the thermoplastic resins Midwest Resins offers. PP plastic is the largest volume commodity thermoplastics used around the world. The first commercial application for this versatile polymer was the thin clear films used to wrap bread, and cigarette boxes. The flexible properties of PP plastic allow this polymer to be used as a plastic or a fiber, this permitted a variety of industries to rapidly adopt this material.

Currently, the global demand for this product continues to grow. This thermoplastic polymer is used to fabricate the end products of companies specialized in packaging, equipment manufacturing, automotive, construction materials and household appliances.

The properties that make PP plastic a great polymer to work with are its elasticity, strength, chemical resistance, and transparent or translucid applications.

The different type of Polypropylene thermoplastics Midwest Resins offers are:

• Homopolymer
• Copolymer
• Talc & Calcium Filled
• Glass Filled

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