Polystyrene Resin

Polystyrene is a thermoplastic that is available in two forms. Crystal polystyrene is pure polystyrene material that is a clear, rigid and relatively brittle thermoplastic. It is often used for lenses and clear lids for containers. High impact polystyrene which is often identified by the acronym HIPS, is polystyrene with the addition of butadiene (pronounced BYOO-TUH-DAHY’-EEN) rubber. High impact polystyrene is more pliable than crystal polystyrene and has a slightly translucent appearance that is white in color.

Polystyrene is used for everything from housewares to model car kits. Polystyrene is commonly used with foaming agents to make packaging materials, drinking cups and insulation.

The typical brands of polystyrene plastic resin offered by Midwest Resins are:

  • MWR Brand crystal polystyrene and high impact polystryene


Polystyrene Resin Processing and Drying Temperatures: