Polypropylene Resin


What Are Polypropylene Resins?
Polypropylene is an extremely versatile tough, lightweight, and chemical-resistant thermoplastic. It is commonly used for everything from food storage containers, flip-top lids for food and cosmetic containers, automotive interior panels, automotive battery cases, and plastic tarps.

Polypropylene is commonly filled and reinforced with glass fiber and various mineral fillers such as talc and calcium carbonate. It is also commonly modified with impact modifiers to increase the impact strength. This makes polypropylene one of the most versatile thermoplastics on the market.

Polypropylene is available in homopolymer, copolymer, and random copolymer grades. Homopolymer has the highest tensile strength, while copolymer offers higher impact strength. Random copolymer offers excellent clarity with impact strength in between standard copolymer and homopolymer.

The typical brands of polypropylene plastic resin offered by Midwest Resins are:

  • Buckeye Polymers polypropylene
  • IPC Specialty Products polypropylene
  • MRC Polymers Maxtel polypropylene


Polypropylene Resin Processing and Drying Temperatures: