PVC Resin


PVC (polyvinyl chloride) is a tough and chemical resistant thermoplastic. Raw PVC has very high hardness and is typically sold in powder form. The addition of plasticizers will transform PVC into a soft pliable material that is often used as a synthetic leather. The softer grades are typically sold in pellet form.

PVC is the third largest selling plastic in the world. It is commonly used in its rigid form for residential window frames, drain piping and siding. Flexible PVC is used for automotive interior parts and as a synthetic leather for furniture and automotive seating.

Midwest Resins supplies flexible and rigid PVC in a variety of durometers and custom colors and can provide UV stable grades for exterior applications.

The typical brands of PVC plastic resin offered by Midwest Resins are:

  • Colormaster flexible and rigid PVC


PVC Resin Processing and Drying Temperatures: