Acetal Resin

Polyoxymethylene, better known as acetal plastic, is a thermoplastic that has high stiffness, excellent dimensional stability, high flow and low coefficient of friction. It is commonly used for gears and bearings, structural automotive parts and some applications that you might not expect such as lids for food containers and automotive speaker grills.

Acetal plastic is available in two primary forms, copolymer and homopolymer. Homopolymer acetal has higher tensile strength than copolymer but copolymer offers better flexibility and is significant less expensive. Acetal is commonly reinforced with glass fiber or glass bead which increases the strength and dimensional stability further. Acetal copolymers tend to respond to glass fillers and reinforcements better than homopolymer making them preferred.

Acetal is available in a wide variety of melt flows to accommodate profile extrusion to injection molding of very intricate parts.

The typical brands of acetal plastic resin offered by Midwest Resins are:

  • Polyplastics Duracon Acetal Copolymer
  • Kolon Kocetal Acetal Copolymer


Acetal Resins Processing and Drying Temperatures