ABS Resin

ABS is a tough and rigid plastic material with excellent appearance. The ABS acronym stands for Acrylonitrile (pronounced AK-RUH-LOH-NAHY’-TRIL) Butadiene (pronounced BYOO-TUH-DAHY’-EEN) Styrene. ABS is not an alloy, it is a terpolymer meaning that it is made of more than two monomers that are polymerized together. ABS suffers from poor UV resistance and chemical resistance. It is often painted or chrome plated.

High impact ABS is commonly used for automotive interior parts, chrome plated or painted automotive exterior parts and appliance housings.

ABS typically has relatively high gloss but low luster grades are available. There are clear grades on the market as well.

The typical brands of ABS plastic resin offered by Midwest Resins are:

  • Lotte Chemical Starex ABS


Processing and Drying Temperatures for ABS plastic resin: